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Home Water Filtration Systems

Water is an essential resource for homeowners for everything from drinking it for hydration to cleaning and washing. While the water coming out of a faucet may look clear, many houses are dealing with poor water quality. Water can contain harmful contaminants, such as sediment, heavy metals, iron, and corrosion from pipes. These items are not only harmful to ingest, but they can make water taste and smell funny too. Advanced Plumbing LLC installs various home water filtration systems throughout Southeastern New Hampshire and the seacoast region to clean and purify the water coming into your home. Contact us to learn more.

Filling glass of water from the tap

Different Types of Water Filtration Systems

There are various water filtration systems available for households of all sizes. One of the most common types we install for homeowners is a whole-house sediment filter and water softener. Installing this unit where the water source enters the home ensures that water coming out of every faucet and hose is cleaner and healthier.

What We Offer

Water Softeners

These remove heavy metals such as calcium, magnesium, and other minerals from water. Not only is soft water better for your hair and skin, but it is better for your appliances and helps your clothes last longer after washing.

Sediment Filters

Home water passes through many municipal treatment facilities to make it safe, but they don’t remove everything. Sediment filters can remove sand, silt, or loose scale left in the water at the entry point of your home or on particular faucets. Well water often has large amounts of sediment in it and left untreated, can cause lower pressure and damage to fixtures

Reverse Osmosis

Another effective type of water filtration option is reverse osmosis. These units use a pressurized system to force water through a membrane that filters out contaminants and flushes them away, leaving clean drinking water. Reverse osmosis filtration is Amon the most comprehensive filtration systems and can remove contaminants such as bacteria and PFOA.

Acid Neutralizers

An acid neutralizer will use natural minerals to balance the pH level of the water entering your home. Highly acidic water is unhealthy and causes a lot of damage to your plumbing pipes when the pH is out of balance.

Get the Clean Water Your Family Deserves

Wondering what a home water filtration system can do for you? Many homes in New Hampshire have been found to contain poor water quality. You may notice your water smells or tastes funny. Some homeowners might not be able to tell from sight, taste, or scent that their water quality isn’t up to healthy standards. It doesn’t matter if it’s obvious or not. Unhealthy water quality isn’t good for you, your family, your clothes when they get washed, or your appliances that require water to operate. Contact Advanced Plumbing LLC to learn more about installing a water filtration system in your home today.

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