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Residential Gas Piping Services in Southeastern NH

Whether you’re powering appliances or heating your home, gas offers an economical and efficient solution for homeowners looking for a cleaner resource than oil or something more cost-effective than electricity. At Advanced Plumbing LLC, we provide professional gas piping services in Southeastern New Hampshire to install or replace lines coming into your home or connected to your appliances. Looking to convert to gas for a heating source or cooking appliance? Contact us for licensed gas technician service today.

Gas pipe faucet

Gas Piping Installations and Repairs

If you have gas lines in your home, you likely know its benefits for home heating and cooking. If your home is heated on oil or you’re working with an electric oven and stove, chances are you’ve considered switching to gas. Gas ovens and stoves offer more consistent and even heating than their electric counterparts. Gas heating appliances such as boilers or furnaces offer better heating capability at a more affordable price. If your home has a gas stove, you can enjoy the convenience of still preparing a meal in the event of a power outage. As an extra precaution, piping for propane or natural gas generators ensures you can continue to power your home when the electricity goes out. If you need repair or installation of gas piping, our services include:

  • All propane and natural gas piping
  • Kitchen range hookups
  • Gas fireplace piping
  • Gas line re-piping
  • Gas line pressure testing and inspections

Licensed New Hampshire Gas Service Technicians

Gas is an incredibly valuable and beneficial resource that should be left in the hands of licensed professionals. Our team at Advanced Plumbing LLC is licensed and qualified to perform complete gas piping services for homeowners throughout Southeastern New Hampshire and the Seacoast region. From installation and appliance hookups to leak detection and pipe repairs, we are your one-stop-shop for all of your gas and plumbing needs. Contact us to schedule service with our family-owned company today.

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